Of all the things I never thought I'd see ... a picture of Hannes (er, Sir Johannes) in a tunic made out of Hawaiian-print fabric is right up near the top of the list. D00d! And Charlie ... it's the Hawaiian-print coif that really just completes the look.

And then you go further into the gallery, and there is Hannes in his spiffy, proper garb ... and damn. That is one handsome man who just looks right in his garb. Few people look that entirely natural in their garb, and at least part of that is due to his attention to detail and getting it right.

The 'Atenveldtus Glorious' belt that Ivan made looks perfect on Her Majesty!

Ari looks elegant in almost every picture. Her every outfit is just lovely.

Roland is one of the few men who can still look impossibly handsome in garb that is too small for him. And Ismenia ... you know how you have a mental image of someone stuck in your head? She's always been "cute" in my head. Somewhere in there, since I first met her, she went way beyond cute. Or she's always been way beyond cute, and I'm thick. But I think her carriage has changed over the past several years. She really is beautiful, and her Viking garb suits her elegance and stature in a way that it doesn't necessarily suit everyone else.

And also: pictures of His Majesty and Ivan holding hands? Evil. Tasty, and evil. Mmmm, happy muppet theatre for Bertana's brain.

Mistress Cecilia's banner is beautiful and looks so elegant streaming above Atenveldt in camp and procession.

The picture of [livejournal.com profile] syele with her hair all braided. You know how you can get used to being around someone, you see them all the time ... and then a picture just makes you see how beautiful that person is, as if it's the first time you've ever seen them? Yeah, that.

Ianuk, did I see someone signing courts in those pictures? How cool to have a sign-language translator. That rocks.

Atenveldt is full of The Pretty People, lemme tell you what. Oy!

The Royal Feast prep pictures are cool, too ... check out that gorgeous blue coat His Majesty is wearing! Gosh, who could ever have made something so lovely? ;-) And those pretty, pretty royal gift bags with the neat inkle-woven straps! We have such a talented Kingdom!

And all the artisans' display stuff ... envy, hand-in-hand with inspiration. (The illumination! The beads! The stained glass! The cartography! Oh my!)

That fabulous picture of [livejournal.com profile] atensibilla all reclined, showing off her gorgeous pink coat and nifty green salwar ... yum! (There's another great pic of her in there ... wearing the blue cotehardie, seated, looking back over her shoulder ... mrowr.)

And dude, the pictures of the bead-making class? That oven looks like a miniature of the brick oven that Brymstonne builds at Estrella (and Southern) every year-- how cool is that?
Topic: Something You Treasure

Picture behind cut. )

Explanation of photo:
(Things I treasure)
The cottage
Front porch overlooking
The lake
Best rocking chairs on earth
That perfect afternoon slant of light

those rocking chairs were once green and yellow
red and black
color painted over color and worn away
Older than me
Now stripped down to basics
Re-caned and stronger than ever
They still creak wonderfully
when they rock
Not that I can read French, but this looks like the Best Parade Ever.

Just click the 'next' button at the bottom of each page for more pictures. They are awe-inspiring.
So far, all I can find is the version with French subtitling added in, but ... here is the trailer for NARNIA.

It looks so, so pretty.

I don't know if anyone else was 'raised' on these books, but I can't tell you how they fired my imagination as a kid. Even as an adult, every now and then when I open a closet or armoire, there's the little kid in the back of my head hoping that maybe *this* one is the door to an entirely new world.



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