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A couple months ago, I fell in love with and purchased the best stripey fabric ever. I adore stripey fabric, and the consensus for this particular find is that it would be great for pants. PANTS! YAY!

Except that, well, I don't wear pants. I mean, not in the SCA. I have worn pants exactly twice: the two times that I have worn the outfit I made for Twin Moon's Mid-East Feast.

I thought maybe I'd just make the pants anyway, and give them away. But I can't! It's ... it's such cool stripey fabric! It must be MINE! So now Jadi is talking me into making a tribal coat using this fabric ... and I think I'm bending. Even though I said I wasn't going to do any more middle-eastern stuff, I just am having trouble visualizing this fabric as Anglo-Saxon garb.

And I kind of want to see if maybe I can't get it done before Estrella (see subject line).

And then I noticed that there is more of it left at the JoAnn near me and I'm thinking: I could get that bit that's left over, and then I'd have enough to make both the coat AND pants! I also have a scrap that is going to be used to make a satchel of some sort, one of these days. It's a pity that the fabric they still have at JoAnn is the same color as what I have; it would have been fun to make a coat out of the blue that I have, and then make pants out of the burgundy. But they've only got the blue in stock. So I'm thinking: a stripey coat in one style, and then stripey pants in Viking style. Which means I will need to make a nifty Viking tunic. With embroidery. I'm thinking burgundy or red raw silk for nice contrast with the pants, with white, gold and blue embroidery.

This weekend, I got quite a bit done on Hannes's jupon; I'm pulling the machine overstitching out and re-doing it by hand. Pulling out the stitching takes a heck of a lot longer than re-stitching it by hand; the machine overstitching was done on such a small stitch setting that all the stitches are tiny and very tight, and it's a bit of a bear to pull apart. Still, it was really nice to have a stitching project to sit and work on. I think I'll be doing a lot more hand stitching in the future.
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Except instead of "braaaaaaaains," it's "paaaaaaaaants."

For my birthday, Tati and Mingo gave me a gift card to JoAnn Fabrics (!!) and I purchased THE FABRIC. That would be the fabric with which I fell in love many moons ago, when Mingo and I went shopping for fabric for his Bocksten.

I used the gift card on Sunday, and here is THE FABRIC:

I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it, but I think it would be fun for pants!
The overcoat for my Mid-East Feast outfit is completed, but I don't have pictures of the finished product yet. That'll wait until the entire outfit is done.

But I have pictures of the progress I've made on the 'wrap' dress that I'll be wearing underneath it!

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I still have to finish the hem, and the neckline (that part is almost finished.)
For my inaugural entry, I present the first pictures of my current project: a coat for the Mid East Feast event to be hosted by the Barony of Twin Moons on August 21:

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