Friday was at least a nice, quiet evening; I crashed out for about a half-hour after getting home from work, then did some reading, some weaving and took a hot bath and crawled into bed around 11pm. On Saturday morning, I ran some errands and went to an early matinee of Resident Evil with a friend, who hung around afterward to poke fun at my level of disorganization while I got all my stuff together for Saturday evening and Sunday.

I drove down to Tucson for Mingo's cheesy movie fest. We prepped a ton of food! Got to hang out with folks and watch truly terrible movies (Flash Gordon, Krull, and Flesh Gordon, which was just ... silly-stupid.) We managed to find comparisons to The Wizard of Oz and The Princess Bride in pretty much each movie. Well, except maybe for Flesh Gordon. Pity we didn't get to watch Battle Beyond the Stars. I get the feeling my cheesy movie 'education' has only just begun, which is a little frightening.

On Sunday morning, I rolled out of bed around 7:15 a.m. (why? I don't know) and worked on my tablet weaving until Tati and Mingo woke up. We had coffee and left-over monkey bread for breakfast. I hit the road around 10:30 a.m. and drove directly up to Peoria for the College of Brymstonne's 'Chocolate Revel' event. Pitched in a bit on setup, spent some time in the kitchen and helping to keep the tables full of food, spent a portion of the afternoon hiding away in a back room chatting with a couple people from my household, then rejoined the event and saw court, learned how to play a game called mancala and spent time playing that with a rotating group of people. I suck at single-person strategization; when we were playing the four-person game, I kept building up moves that gave the person to my right the advantage, instead of playing to win myself. I guess team play is just a habit for me; that's how I learned table-top games. Hell, that's how I learned to play Magic years ago.

The dancing at the event went pretty well, which was cool. I danced the ever-popular Hole in the Wall, spent three turns getting sharked from within so that I kept dancing from the same spot instead of moving up the hall, and then danced something they called Italian Bumper Cars. (They gave the correct name for it, too, but of course I can't remember that.) Now that was pretty amusing.

TRM held a brief court; I got there a bit late, so I don't know if they gave out any awards other than the three I saw. Slaney, one of the College of Brymstonne members, was given her AoA; Vallawulf was admitted to the Order of the Sirviente del Sol; and Llewelyn was made a Court Baroness, which was pretty cool. I have only hung out with Llewelyn a couple times, and don't know claim to know her well on a personal level, but she has always seemed like a really neat person to me: just incredibly intelligent and thoughtful, and a great person to talk to. Queen Ismenia was pretty choked up while she talked about her respect and admiration for Llewelyn.

After the event, I stuck around for a bit to help tear down the fabric walls and clean up, but I bailed once they started loading the truck; I was just falling asleep on my feet and still the drive back to Scottsdale ahead of me. I got home around 10:45, crawled into bed and ... couldn't fall asleep. I ended up being awake until a little after midnight, and today is going to be a long day, with class starting at 7pm.

No pictures from this event; I didn't even take my camera.



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