I spent yesterday evening at Bannthegn Aurora's home, working on my turnshoes. It's been so long since I touched them that I felt like I needed some guidance to get them finished, and she very generously agreed to help me out. It was a really nice evening; I love being able to sit and chat and work on projects with someone, they go so much faster! She is getting ready for GWW and was finishing up tankard straps and pouches. We ordered pizza for dinner and just generally had a nice time.

The shoes *would* be done, but Aurora suggested a decorative binding around the top and she had at hand the perfect shade of bright golden yellow in a very soft leather, so that's what I have to finish. The binding is attached, I just have to roll it over and stitch it down on the inside.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the progress; I forgot to recharge the batteries on my camera. (Note to self: recharge both sets before this weekend!)

Imagine it: my shoes will be done, about a year and a half after taking the class. Egad. Of course, hanging out with Aurora made me want to work on other stuff, too; she is such an inspiration. I want to make a pair of low boots out of slightly heavier leather, and a pair of court slippers in bright colors with decorative stitching. I say this now ... but we all know that I am full of good intentions, and probably already halfway down that road where good intentions lead.

However, I do have some nifty pictures of tablet-weaving! Ivan was kind enough to help me get started and walk me through the basics while I was in Tir Ysgthir over September 11/12, and I have been semi-diligently weaving away.

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