Jun. 27th, 2005 11:24 am
I know this weekend I had mentioned the possibility of coming down to Tucson for S&B night, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen-- I wasn't thinking about the fact that Deille's shower/BBQ thingie is on Saturday! The girls are going shopping for supplies for said BBQ on Thursday evening after work, so that's where I will be.

I am thinking ... August. Definitely sometime in August. I just realized how much work I have ahead of me if I want to have my pavilion done by the weekend before Highland War. AIEEEE.
At this point, the tentative plan is to hit the gym after work (I didn't crash until well after midnight, there was no way I was getting up early to work out this morning) and then go to Aurora's and work on the pavilion. I hope to get about two hours of work in on that tonight.

I'd rather be at Southern Scribbles. Whine, whine, whine.

Tomorrow evening, I get to hang out with Jadi. Every other evening this week, I'll need to spend time on the pavilion, because I really want to make it down to Tucson for [ profile] raventhourne's housewarming party; and if I'm going down for that, I'll talk to Tati & Mingo and see what they're up to on either Friday evening or Sunday, and see if I can crash there and spend some time visiting, and maybe even finish my box (I need to make a new lid, since I snapped mine in half.)

So that means I won't have much pavilion time this coming weekend, and I had absolutely none this past weekend, so I really need to pour it on this week and get shit done.
Tonight: ride to Tucson with Tati after work. I think there will be some prepping of food and whatever else is needed for tomorrow.
Tomorrow: T-Day with Tati, her trusty sidekick Mango, and Ianuk & Ivan. I think there will be some cheesy movies viewed (Ianuk, is Ivan allowed to break out 'Battle Beyond the Stars' or whatever that movie was that we didn't get to watch last time?)
Friday: Ride back up to Phoenix with Tati and Mango; help prep our little site (aka, the back yard) for Michaelmas tourney.
Saturday: Defender of Michaelmas tourney.
Sunday: Cleaning, laundry ... ah, the exciting housework!

I hope y'all enjoy Thanksgiving, however you spend it. I think today I'll be a bit wistful for the people and places and traditions that I miss, so that tomorrow I can be thankful without the ache of loss.



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