It's almost a pavilion!

I just got home from Aurora's, where I sewed the last major 'body' seam on my pavilion. Flat-felling that was a ... real treat, let me tell you what. If I ever complain about flat-felling seams again, and it's any fabric lighter than canvas, smack me.

Tomorrow, we lay it out and even up the bottom edges, and attach mudflaps and some kind of staking loops. I can either stitch in the stake loops when I sew the mudflaps, or I can put grommets in and tie the stake loops into the grommets. I'm leaning toward grommets right now. I'm thinking that if I have the stake loops sewn in and one tears, it's going to be a pain to repair.


Must remember to take camera tomorrow. I have almost no progress pics, because it just looked like a great mound of canvas until now. The Canvas That Ate Aurora's Living Room.
My pavilion has wonkiness. This displeases me.

I found a seam I hadn't finished on the second side panel; got that taken care of, then started pinning the back panel and one of the doors in and realized ... I'd made the back panel ... backwards. Took it out, ripped it, re-did it, attached it and ... realized the door is wrong. Check the other door ... it's wrong, too. Sewing bias to bias instead of straight edge to bias. End up using door as it is, with a reinforcing strip of straight grain worked in there.

So I still have one major seam to go and then mudflaps, hardware, et cetera. I'm sore from hunching over the machine, and tired as hell.

I did get to have a couple fun breaks; W came over to work on projects for the Pennsic gift baskets, and I helped with that for a bit, and then Aurora and I made dinner—enchiladas again, only this time I sauteed onions, garlic, peppers (from Aurora's garden!) and spinach to add to the cheese enchiladas for me and the chicken enchiladas for her. It was very yummy. She made us desert of lemon pudding with strawberries, bananas and mangos layered in.

Yeah, I'm spoiled.
One more seam done.

That sounds so pathetic, particularly when I watch Aurora just soldier through a project and get five million times the amount of stuff done. But I've never denied she's got my ass kicked eleventy-million times over; hell, why else do I go to her for so much help?

But this seam was a Very Big Pain in My Butt, and I was being very super careful about making sure I had the pieces lined up the right way before so much as pinning things into place. Flat-felling this was a treat, because it's the seam between one long side panel on the one edge, and on the other edge, the short top panel for the front and then the door. They overlap by about four inches, so I had to trim and fold pretty carefully to even be able to (a) fold it over and (b) sew through the bulk of about eight layers of canvas.

So, one more seam done, and then Aurora made fabulous dinner (enchiladas, YOM) and then I went and watched movies at a friend's house. I just dragged my sleepy ass home to find ... not only is someone parked in my spot, but it's a full-size pickup truck, with the bed of the truck packed with bales of hay that are stacked about a foot higher than the cab. If I wasn't so sleepy, I'd go back downstairs and take a picture, because it just looks so ... odd.

Tomorrow, I'll work on my garb for MidEast Feast, and then Sunday, it's back to work on the pavilion. Here's to getting better sleep this weekend!
The last time I worked on the pavilion, I got the door panels prepped-- one side got grommets down the inside edge, the other would get loops of rope. All I got done last time was reinforcing the edges with an extra folded-over layer of canvas, got all the grommets in, and got the rope measured and layed out in place.

Today, I stitched down all of the rope (it's not really a rope, it's flat and nylon), which was a pain because every flat section between the loops needed to be stitched over twice to reinforce it, and Aurora's elderly workhorse of an industrial machine does not do reverse. So there was lots and lots of rotating the huge door panels through the machine.

I also prepped the inside edge of the front and back panels, where the doors will hook into place. Those panels got reinforcing strips of canvas sewn in, and more of the flat nylon stitched in, with spots left open for the hooks that will be on the doors. Next time I go over, I will actually be sewing those top and door panels into the main body of the pavilion. It's getting there!
Tonight has been the absolute best weather ever! The wind was incredible, and then the rain ... Aurora and I ended up out in the backyard, faces up to the sky. The rain was *cold*, and it felt so good! Alpine turns into a 95-pound lap-chicken; I've never seen such a scaredy-pup. He sat himself down between Aurora's feet as soon as she sat still long enough, folded himself up as small as could be, and just trembled and shook and panted. Poor pup! Yeah, we laughed at him.

I just love the rain. It totally made my evening. And the drive home! The wind was still amazing, and the lightning was just breath-taking.

Made some decent progress on the pavilion; got door panels ready to go, grommets in one side of each door, and got the rope all measured and looped for the other side. Tomorrow, I just have to stitch the rope down, and then do the same on the inside edge across the top of the doorway, where the doors will hook into place.


Jun. 27th, 2005 11:24 am
I know this weekend I had mentioned the possibility of coming down to Tucson for S&B night, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen-- I wasn't thinking about the fact that Deille's shower/BBQ thingie is on Saturday! The girls are going shopping for supplies for said BBQ on Thursday evening after work, so that's where I will be.

I am thinking ... August. Definitely sometime in August. I just realized how much work I have ahead of me if I want to have my pavilion done by the weekend before Highland War. AIEEEE.
At this point, the tentative plan is to hit the gym after work (I didn't crash until well after midnight, there was no way I was getting up early to work out this morning) and then go to Aurora's and work on the pavilion. I hope to get about two hours of work in on that tonight.

I'd rather be at Southern Scribbles. Whine, whine, whine.

Tomorrow evening, I get to hang out with Jadi. Every other evening this week, I'll need to spend time on the pavilion, because I really want to make it down to Tucson for [ profile] raventhourne's housewarming party; and if I'm going down for that, I'll talk to Tati & Mingo and see what they're up to on either Friday evening or Sunday, and see if I can crash there and spend some time visiting, and maybe even finish my box (I need to make a new lid, since I snapped mine in half.)

So that means I won't have much pavilion time this coming weekend, and I had absolutely none this past weekend, so I really need to pour it on this week and get shit done.
I think Isis is getting used to me; she spent far less time freaking out today than she did yesterday. I love Alpine, he spent half the day grooming her. He's such a Mama Hen, it's really cute.

The way this pavilion is constructed, it's sort of a modified french bell. Each side is rounded, and is made of four triangular panels. The front and back are straight, and each will have doors. I still have some of Pem's seams to rip; some of them are good, but some are wonky, plus he used black thread and I want to use white, so it won't stand out so much.

So yesterday and today, I sewed together two sets of three panels each. The first set is done as far as it can be for now, all together, the seams flat-felled. The second set is all together, but I still have to finish the one seam.

I took the part that Pem had sewn (a front portion with one panel to either side, plus a door mostly sewn in) with me down to Brymstonne's sewing night after leaving Aurora's this evening, and got to socialize with everyone while getting almost all of the seams done. Tomorrow evening, I have a doctor appointment, then I'll come home, pop in a movie and rip the rest of the seams. Tuesday and Wednesday, I will definitely be at Aurora's right after work. Thursday is iffy, as I have another appointment. Then I probably won't be there again until Sunday.

A bunch of the Brymstonne kids are going up to Rennaisance in the Pines at the end of the month; Selina, the MoAS for Brymstonne, is acting as a "lady in waiting" for the girl playing the Queen for the Renn Faire, and I was asked to come along and do that, too. Only thing is, I'd have to borrow Aurora's Elizabethan again, and I kind of don't want to. And I kind of don't want to take the time away from the pavilion; after getting it sewn (including putting in all the loops for stakes and the doors), I have to make the necessary hardware (I'm thinking of making the center pole break down into three pieces, that way I will be able to easily fit it into any type of vehicle), and I want to make sure I have it ready to go in time for Highlands.


Just think, after I get all this done, I get to start on furniture. Maybe I'll be in Period Encampment for the 2007 Estrella War.

Speaking of which, don't let me forget to get in touch with Mingo this week. I need to cut a new lid for my wooden chest, as I sort of snapped the lid for mine in half. (Oops. Mark that down under "things not to hit when in an awful, terrible, very bad, no good mood.")
Well, this will alleviate the grump a bit: just got an e-mail back from Aurora saying yes, she'll help me with the pavilion, and I should call her so we can get together this weekend. Now I just have to check with Gretchen because I'm completely blanking on when we said we were going to get together to empty, scour and re-stock the trailer.

PAVILION, people. I AM GOING TO SEW MY OWN PAVILION. And never shall I camp in the nylon ghetto again! WAHOO!
Sitting just inside my door, there is now a great, big box full of canvas. I had to haul it up in two trips; I couldn't actually lift the box entire. The canvas is already cut out. This week, I'll talk to Aurora to see if she's still willing to help me with the construction part.

Someday, I'll have a pavilion!



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