The weekend before last, I got the lining for my coat for MidEastFeast pieced together; last night, I got the stripey fabric for the outside of the coat pieced, and started putting the two together.

And then realized I hadn't made any provisions for buttoning. Um. Hi. Oops?

I thought about lucet cord, but ... maybe I'm doing it wrong or too tight, but my lucet cord always starts out incredibly stiff, and I really have to work it / wash it / use it a bunch of times before it gets more flexible. I quickly luceted up about eight inches of cord to see if I could use that for button loops and yep: pain in my ass. My ass, folks, it needs no pain.

Someone suggested going to JoAnn's or Michael's and getting 'button loop tape'; I was told it's usually in the bridal section.

Anyone-- thoughts, suggestions?
Ari, I could have sworn I had your e-mail address, but I can't find it, so I'm asking here.

I'm looking at this picture of you from last year's MidEast Feast pic behind cut )

And I'm wondering-- the shirt/tunic/whatever-the-correct-term-is that you've got on under the coat-- what kind of pattern is that based on?
The overcoat for my Mid-East Feast outfit is completed, but I don't have pictures of the finished product yet. That'll wait until the entire outfit is done.

But I have pictures of the progress I've made on the 'wrap' dress that I'll be wearing underneath it!

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I still have to finish the hem, and the neckline (that part is almost finished.)
For my inaugural entry, I present the first pictures of my current project: a coat for the Mid East Feast event to be hosted by the Barony of Twin Moons on August 21:

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