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Thank you so much to everyone who either donated to my LiveStrong page, or who boosted the signal by posting the info & link on their own LJ. I am so, so lucky to be surrounded by so many generous, compassionate and supportive people.

The winner of the raffle [notified earlier today via e-mail, FB and Twitter-- sorry, I don't have access to LJ at work] is [ profile] mikekn! He will get two dozen cupcakes made by yours truly; I'm open to any flavor combinations he'd like, and we just have to figure out the time/place of delivery as works for both of our schedules.

In the week of the raffle, y'all helped me raise $250. NO JOKE, folks. Before this week, I'd had $120 total in donations, and as of the close of the raffle, my fundraising account has $370.

Then, later this afternoon, I got ANOTHER big donation, and jumped up to $470 total! Folks, I'm almost halfway to my personal goal of $1000! How awesome is that?

Thank you all again, so much. No matter what amount you were able to donate, I appreciate it so much. Especially knowing what the economy is like right now, and especially how many of my friends in the SCA are saving for Pennsic -- every penny you donate, or every time you share the link with someone else, know that I am hugely grateful for your support.

Also, you're all super smart and very pretty, and have superb taste. I'm just sayin'. ;)
The first of my LIVESTRONG raffles is wrapping up this evening! You have until midnight tonight to have your donation count as raffle entries for CUPCAKEY GOODNESS.

To donate, go here:

Raffle ends at midnight tonight. Tomorrow, I will tally the total donations (every $10 in donations counts as one raffle entry) and have a non-donating co-worker draw a name from a hat.

There will be future raffles; possibly other baked goods, but also some LiveStrong gear. The Challenge takes place on August 21 & 22, and any donations up until August 16 count toward possible prizes for me and my team. (We can still accept donations, even past the actual date of the Challenge; but they had to give a date to say "This is when we will tally up the teams for prizes.")

Thanks to everyone who has already donated, and to everyone who has boosted the signal. You all rock!
Starting immediately, and going through midnight on Monday, June 21:

A $10 donation to my LiveStrong Challenge page is equal to one raffle entry. Larger donation = more raffle entries.

Winner gets 2 doz cupcakes, made and decorated by me. Type of cupcake and date of delivery will be determined after winner of raffle is announced. Lemon poundcake cupcakes with blackberry/raspberry buttercream? Totally do-able. Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream? I'm trying to get my hands on some essence of violet, so that's a possibility, too. Red velvet, with cream cheese frosting? Or carrot cake cupcakes with same? Chocolate cupcakes with cookies&cream frosting? All good ideas!

Must be local, or able to meet me within a reasonable drive for delivery.

Here's an example of the lemon poundcake with a layer of blackberry buttercream and a layer of raspberry buttercream:


These were my first try using a proper piping bag & tips; I got better as I went. And I just ordered some cool new tips, so I will be practicing with those to make the final batch look more awesometastic.



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