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Last night was fun times at The Tilted Kilt for Mouse's birthday. This morning was sleeping in ridiculously late (noonish!) and then catching up with Aurora on the phone. Then I got sort of somewhat productive and ironed a bunch of the fabric I'd washed yesterday. Now I'm ripping seams—never my favorite task, made somewhat more onerous by the fact that these seams are in huge panels of heavy canvas. At some point this week, I'll get together with Aurora and start reconstruction.

I was hoping to get another load of laundry done tonight-- I've stripped the bed, and won't have clean sheets otherwise-- but just went down to find a woman from the next building over filling up the machines in our laundry room. She had several empty baskets, so I'm guessing it's the same person who filled up the machines in the other building, too. Lovely.

But tomorrow is Monday, which means that Corynne and I will be driving down to Tucson for scribbling! Yay!


Jun. 2nd, 2005 08:20 am
Tomorrow is Sancha's birthday! She's turning 33.

I tried to beat her into the office this morning and failed, damnit. I'd wanted to leave her cake sitting on her desk so it would be there when she got in. Instead, I just walked up and handed it to her and walked away with her going, "What? AAHH!"

And no, I didn't bake her cake. I bought it at Fry's. I am the laziest of the lazy-asses.
The drive down to Tucson was great, Corinne is an excellent road-trip partner. We got down there just as I predicted, right around 7:30. We both got to work on The Scroll (pictures to be posted later—you know, after it's actually been GIVEN) and had a blast hanging out with the southern scribes. What an insanely talented (and at least a little plain ol' insane) group—everyone was working on stuff that was just awesome. And did I mention that we had a blast? Very, very fun.

I may not be able to post pictures of The Scroll, but ain't no-one can stop me posting this:

Our Queen!
Apparently, one of the downsides to being a vegetarian at Thanksgiving is that one misses out on all the post-Turkey sleepiness. I'm done looking at the clock.

Today was really lovely. Mingo made breakfast and lots of coffee (yay coffee!) and then he, Tati and I worked on getting various things ready for our feast. I made a big pan of roasted vegetables with rosemary. Mingo helped me figure out how to turn a casual comment from a friend regarding "cranberries, orange juice and brandy" into a thick, rich sauce that was used to top brie, which was then wrapped in dough and baked in the oven. He smoked a turkey *and* a ham, and roasted butternut squash, and I'm quite certain that he made other things about which I'm currently blanking. Tati made a green bean casserole. Ianuk and Ivan showed up with ginger carrots, black bread, home-made mustard (hi, I love you!), and four (FOUR!) pies. I'm sad that I only sampled the apple and the pumpkin. If I'd had even a bit of space left, I would have gone back for pecan. Darnit. (As it was, I gave in soon after dinner and changed from jeans into comfy flannel pajama pants.)

I called home just before we were ready to sit down and eat, and got to say hi to almost everyone. It was nice to hear all those familiar voices (though for some reason, I can never believe I'm hearing my 'little' cousin, J, on the phone. His voice is so deep! I keep forgetting *he* is all grown up now, too.) Everyone wanted to know how the weather was, and I teased them that they should all come out here next year.

We spent the evening watching cheesy movies and playing a cardgame called "Beer Money," at which I suck. Badly. By the way, if anyone ever suggests that you watch a "sci-fi" movie called "The Godmonster of Indian Flats," run away. (You might want to kill that person, first, just to make sure they can't infect anyone else.) I deny any claims that the selection of that movie was my fault. I just pointed it out. That's all. I was not the decision-maker! (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!)

Jadi and Alec stopped by and hung out for a bit, and it was just an all-around good day with friends—for which I'm thankful. Holidays ... well, they generally suck—and this one didn't, which is a lot for me.
Tonight: ride to Tucson with Tati after work. I think there will be some prepping of food and whatever else is needed for tomorrow.
Tomorrow: T-Day with Tati, her trusty sidekick Mango, and Ianuk & Ivan. I think there will be some cheesy movies viewed (Ianuk, is Ivan allowed to break out 'Battle Beyond the Stars' or whatever that movie was that we didn't get to watch last time?)
Friday: Ride back up to Phoenix with Tati and Mango; help prep our little site (aka, the back yard) for Michaelmas tourney.
Saturday: Defender of Michaelmas tourney.
Sunday: Cleaning, laundry ... ah, the exciting housework!

I hope y'all enjoy Thanksgiving, however you spend it. I think today I'll be a bit wistful for the people and places and traditions that I miss, so that tomorrow I can be thankful without the ache of loss.



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