This was really a great weekend. The drive out there was beautiful—a friend said, "I'll cook you breakfast if you go the long way," so I hit Flagstaff at about 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, had a lovely breakfast consisting of tofu scramble with a ton of vegetables, a vegan version of biscuits & gravy, and then a ton of fresh fruit with yogurt and honey.

I made it to Lyman State Park by about 9 a.m. and got my tent set up. I camped next to Sir Roger and Kontess Sarolta, behind the SIBOD/Keg's End groups.

On Saturday, I didn't have too much that I had to do; I heralded only one round of Crown Tournemant, which meant that I had plenty of opportunity for picture-taking and visiting and generally having fun. I thought the tourney was great; it looked like some really good, clean fighting to me (remembering that I'm a non-fighter and don't have a great basis of experience.)

I don't think I realized this right away, but I think I went to Crown with the assumption that Phalen was going to win. I hadn't even really looked at the list of combatants until C asked me who was fighting, and even then, it was like the names never really sank in. I felt the same way when Craven won last time. It may be because of the way they fought when they finalled in previous Crowns; it may be just a little bit of superstition—first Duke Jonathon, then Craven, now Phalen, finalled 3 times before winning.

I spent most of Saturday evening hanging out with some folks from Keg's End. There was quite a bit of drinking going on (no, really! In Keg's End! Drinking! Who'da thunk?), but I guess I have a higher tolerance than I thought; I woke up early Sunday morning, went jogging and joined Sarolta, Roger, Ed and Ann for breakfast, and felt great.

I heralded three rounds of the Warlord Tourney, which was a really excellent tourney. Go check out the photos from [ profile] raventhourne's pictures! The style was mixed weapons-- fighters had to use a different style each round, and weren't allowed to use the standard sword/shield combo. (They could use shields, just couldn't use a sword at the same time.) The best bout had to have been when Sir Shawn Robert and Lord Conallan used spears and, for their off-hand weapons, other fighters. Sir Shawn had Lord Karhoo as his off-hand weapon, and Lord Conallan had Sir Arik for his own off-hand. It was a quick fight; while Lord Karhoo and Sir Arik figured out what to do to get around each other, Sir Shawn leaned down, poked his spear between the legs of the other other fighters and prodded Lord Conallan. It wasn't a killing blow, but Sir Arik leaned down to look between his legs (folks, it was like a cartoon, I tell you) and Lord Karhoo just reached across Arik's back and conked Conallan right on the head. It was great.

I felt less great on the drive home; by then, I think I was dehydrated, and the headache was massive. I got pulled over by a cop about a half-hour after leaving site; I was going 80 in a 65 mph zone. All I could think was, "Thank dog he didn't catch me when I passed that other truck going 95!" He let me go with a warning and I gave much consideration to kissing the ground he walked on. I can't afford another ticket. (Seeing as how I can't afford another ticket, you'd think that maybe, just MAYBE, I'd stop driving at mach 5. But no!)

I ran into Ianuk, Ivan, Cecilia and Walrick at a Burger King in Show Low; they were on their way out, I was heading in to grab a veggie burger with the hope that food would help the headache. I almost asked them if they could wait a few minutes and let me caravan behind them, and I really wish that I had—right after they left, this old dude (who we shall call Smelly McLiquor because, well, he stank of liquor) started chatting me up and telling me about how he was hitch-hiking to Globe and could I get him some extra food and give him a ride and blahblahblah. So I spent about eight minutes (and let me tell you, it felt like an ETERNITY), praying to all things holy (and many not) that they would hurry up with my order so that I could RUN AWAY SCREAMING.

Running away and screaming commenced, and the rest of the drive home was without incident. I got back to Snobsdale around 9pm or so, unloaded all of two things from the truck, found out that my computer isn't working, took a hot bath and spent an hour or two on the phone with a friend until crashing. Monday morning was unloading, doing laundry and actually putting things away. It's amazing to not have a pile of event gear in the middle of my living room!



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