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Birthdate:Aug 18
Location:United States of America
friends only banner
Friends-Only banner from lecollage;
Original Art by Audrey Kawasaki

I believe in restless hunger
I believe in private thunder
I believe in inspiration
I believe in slow creation
I believe in lips on ears
I believe in being wrong
I believe in contradiction
I believe in living smitten
I believe our book is written
by our company of friends

-Danny Schmidt

A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be. Hence the custom among the Scythians of plucking out a cynic's eyes to improve his vision.

The Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose Pierce

This journal is friends-locked, and contains a heady (or simply annoying) mixture of frivolity, foul language, felonious behavior and careless misdemeanors. And shoes—lots of shoes.

I think everyone should have a laugh at least once a day. Toward this end, I make fun of myself constantly.

One fruitloop to rule them all, one fruitloop to find them,
One fruitloop to bring them all and in the dorkness bind them.

I am The Yellow Fruit Loop.

Interests (150):

acdc, alternate history, anglo-saxon, ani difranco, archery, art, atenveldt, bede, black francis, books, card-weaving, cathedrals, ccr, chant, charles delint, chaucer, classic cars, clutch, communication, community, connection, costuming, csny, cycling, danelaw, dead can dance, desire, dreams, east kingdom, embroidery, ethnic cooking, etymology, falsifying statistics, fantasy, feminism, firefly, garb, gardening, geeking, grand canyon, hartshorn-dale, heraldry, hiking, history, hobby farming, illumination, jethro tull, jewelry making, joss whedon, kundalini, led zeppelin, lightning, linen, literature, living history, longships, love, mantra, medieval history, megadeth, metalwork, monasteries, moonlight, mountains, movies, museums, music, musicals, mysticism, mythology, natural fibers, nature, neil gaiman, norse culture, npr, oingo boingo, opus anglicanum, paganism, pantera, passion, pennsic, period costuming, philadelphia, pro-choice, pro-rock, procrastination, rain, reading, religion, religious history, road trips, rock, rumi, rus, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, self-reliance, serenity, sewing, shakespeare, sharing too much, shoemaking, shoes, sleeping, smart people, snuggling, soapmaking, society for creative anachronism, spirituality, steam-punk, stick, stick jocks, stories, storms, storytelling, sustainable living, swimming, symbols, tablet weaving, tattoos, textile arts, the rolling stones, thunder storms, tinkering, touch, travel, trees, troublemaking, type o negative, urban mythology, van morrison, vasen, veils, vhemt, viking, wandering feet, water, weaving, whirling dervishes, wolgemut, women, women in religion, women's studies, woods, wool, words, writing, wxpn, yoga
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