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Thank you so much to everyone who either donated to my LiveStrong page, or who boosted the signal by posting the info & link on their own LJ. I am so, so lucky to be surrounded by so many generous, compassionate and supportive people.

The winner of the raffle [notified earlier today via e-mail, FB and Twitter-- sorry, I don't have access to LJ at work] is [ profile] mikekn! He will get two dozen cupcakes made by yours truly; I'm open to any flavor combinations he'd like, and we just have to figure out the time/place of delivery as works for both of our schedules.

In the week of the raffle, y'all helped me raise $250. NO JOKE, folks. Before this week, I'd had $120 total in donations, and as of the close of the raffle, my fundraising account has $370.

Then, later this afternoon, I got ANOTHER big donation, and jumped up to $470 total! Folks, I'm almost halfway to my personal goal of $1000! How awesome is that?

Thank you all again, so much. No matter what amount you were able to donate, I appreciate it so much. Especially knowing what the economy is like right now, and especially how many of my friends in the SCA are saving for Pennsic -- every penny you donate, or every time you share the link with someone else, know that I am hugely grateful for your support.

Also, you're all super smart and very pretty, and have superb taste. I'm just sayin'. ;)
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