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Before too much longer, I'll be finishing up my primping and then will be heading out the door to drive over to Merck for my interview. I was hoping to catch my Mom at her desk to ask her a few questions, but she's been in meetings, so no go there. She knows the folks with whom I'm interviewing, and I wanted her opinion on whether I need The Interview Suit, or if I can get away with the Almost Suit (same skirt as the Interview Suit, but instead of a suit jacket, I wear a red silk sleeveless shell under a white silk button-down with black embroidery. It's dressy, just a step back from wearing the relatively heavy suit jacket, which I hate.) Since I can't get a hold of her, I'm going to take the safe default and wear The Interview Suit.

After the interview, I have to head straight over to CWC; I work there from 3-10pm today. So I won't be able to post anything about how the interview goes. Cross your fingers for me! I really don't know how hard they interview when it's just for a temp position. When I temped at Merck during college breaks, the Merck management didn't even interview temps-- they just let the temp agency handle it all, so this is a new process for me.

Okay, Random Pennsic Question: I've been told that, unlike at Estrella, you don't get to just drive up to your camp to unload. If that's the case, how in hell do I get a cot, a cooler, a duffle bag and a bin of clothing from my truck to Mariana's tent? Do I need to find a dolly that I can bring?
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