Nov. 9th, 2007

I think I might be adjusting to the current weather; I ran out at lunchtime without a coat, and now am listening to a co-irker say, "It's getting cold, feels like snow," and I'm thinking-- Huh, didn't feel that cold me.

I am also too hyper for my own (or anyone else's) good. I seem to be doing everything BUT work: e-mailing plans for two retirement parties, researching real and faux pearls and prices, pinging in and out of LJ, texting Master Jose with questions about this crazy gown that went from simple to not-so-simple to "am I actually going to get to wear this?"

So: here's the thing with the questions about finding beads and pearls and whatnot. I'm going to be making my 16th-C French gown soon. I want to get the trim ready to go before I get the gown made, because it seems easier to bead it to death BEFORE it's on the gown. If I cut the silk for the trim, I can put it on my little embroidery frame to bead and have a handy little project to take with me where-ever I go.

The trim as imagined by Bertana (with input from Master Jose, both when in NYC shopping and today, as we text back and forth) has gone through several permutations:

Version 1: A band of solid silk taffeta in a color that would pick up the flowers in the embroidered silk that will be the sleeves and petticoat.

Version 1A: A band of solid silk taffeta about an inch wide, with a darker shade of velvet ribbon, about 3/4" wide, centered on top. (So you're only seeing a little bit of the base silk, for contrast).

Version 2: The same band of solid silk, with two narrow strips of the darker velvet ribbon. This version came about because they didn't have enough of the 3/4" inch in the right color, so I got a spool (33 yds) of 1/4" wide instead.

Version 2A: Wider band of the silk, with the narrow velvet ribbon very close to either edge, and a strip of this cool antiqued gold lace down the center. Then we couldn't find enough of the antiqued gold lace, so this got scrapped.

Version 2B: Band of silk, narrow velvet ribbon close to each edge, single row of pearls and gold beads spaced out down the middle.

Version 2C: I guess C can stand for "current", because this is what I'm picturing now. The wide band of silk, edged by the velvet ribbon. Single gold bead about every inch; after the third, a grouping of tiny pearls. I'm pictured the pearls either gathered in a tight circle, or maybe in a circle around a gold bead. One suggestion was a gold bead with four rice pearls, so it would look like a cross. Another suggestion was a gold bead circled by small, round pearls, so it would look more like a flower.

This will be my first beading project. Am I off my rocker?



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